Pain Management

Pain Management Medications

Based on your doctors orders, we are able to provide you with guidance, education and medication to help your pain management

Effectively treating pain must be unique to each individual as everyone experiences pain differently. There are many factors that are considered for proper pain treatment like, the type of pain, the reason for the pain, and medical history. It is important for you to review your symptoms with your doctor. GEM Edwards Pharmacy can then provide proper medications based on your doctors order.

Advanced Dosing Forms

Your patient’s are no longer limited to just taking a pill. With our advanced dosing forms, we are able to provide medication to meet your patients specific needs. Some key advantages can include:

  • Ease of use

  • Faster symptom relief

  • Reduce problems with swallowing

  • Improve compliance



          Oral Liquids




          Transdermal Creams

Need a medication not listed or a different dose form?

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