About Us

Fully Licensed Pharmacy

Providing affordable and convenient compounded medications for prescribers, patients, veterinarians, pet owners and equine specialist.

Why GEM Edwards Pharmacy

GEM Edwards Pharmacy is an accredited mail-order and compounding pharmacy, founded in 1992. We are family-owned and operated, located in Hudson, Ohio. We offer thousands of products and various dosage forms with dedicated customer support to ensure you and your patients have the medications they need…when they need them! We strive to always offer affordable products and provide convenient fast, free standard shipping whether to a patient’s home or a prescriber’s office.

We help physicians, patients, veterinarians, and pet/horse owners with specialized, tailor-made medications and pharmacy-benefit diabetes products. Our team of pharmacists is dedicated to first-choice customer service and high-quality affordable medications. We continuously research medications to ensure we carry a wide variety of forms and flavors to meet your needs.