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Providing your patients affordable and convenient medications delivered directly to their door!

Practicing medicine and managing patient compliance can be difficult…
working with a pharmacy doesn’t have to be!  

We understand the importance of seamless and reliable pharmacy services for your practice, and that’s why we want to assure you that GEM Edwards Pharmacy is a trusted partner for all your prescription needs. Our accredited mail-order pharmacy streamlines the prescription process, making it easy for you to send patient prescriptions with confidence. With a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and patient well-being, GEM Edwards Pharmacy ensures that medications are dispensed promptly and delivered directly to your patients’ doorsteps. Count on us to be your trusted pharmacy partner, simplifying prescription and reorder processes for both you and your patients.



Digitally order medications and diabetes supplies from GEM Edwards Pharmacy using Parachute. Spend more time with your patients and less time dealing with their paperwork!

  • One-click digital signatures

  • Automated order status tracking

  • Simple, digital order experience

  • HIPAA-compliant, fully secure

  • No more faxing documentation or scripts back and forth

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QUICK Order Processing

Experience the efficiency of GEM Edwards Pharmacy with our lightning-fast order processing. In our commitment to providing prompt service, the majority of orders are expertly handled and shipped within 24 hours of receiving and verifying prescriptions, Monday through Friday. We recognize the importance of timely medication access for your patients, and our streamlined process ensures that prescriptions are swiftly processed, allowing your patients to receive their medications without unnecessary delays.

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NOW ePrescribe Your Orders

Embrace the future of healthcare by seamlessly transmitting your prescriptions at your fingertips. Our ePrescription platform allows you to swiftly send your orders to GEM Edwards Pharmacy, located centrally in Ohio with first-in-class shipping speeds. Experience the ease of electronic prescribing, enabling a seamless and rapid turnaround for your patients’ medication needs.

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