Mail-Order Medications

Mail-order medications, prescriptions through the mail

Affordable, Mail-Order Medications

Get your prescriptions through the mail, delivered right to your door.

The committed team of pharmacists at GEM Edwards Pharmacy accompanies you throughout the entire process, guaranteeing timely delivery of your medications to ensure uninterrupted care and well-being. You can count on our seasoned pharmacists to deliver precise information and personalized support, fostering a relationship built on transparency and trust.



Transfer your prescription

Complete our online form. Once we have your prescription, we’ll take care of the rest.

Easily refill your order

Get real-time updates as we fill and ship your order, online or with the mobile app.

Talk to a pharmacist

Have questions? Our pharmacists are available to help from the privacy of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my prescription cost?

The price of each prescription depends on the strength, dosage form, and package size of the prescribed medication.


Once we receive your prescription, we will contact you to let you know how much it will cost.

Can I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy?

Transferring a prescription to GEM Edwards Pharmacy is easy. Simply complete the transfer request.

How do I fill my new prescription?

We want to make ordering from GEM Edwards Pharmacy as easy as possible, that’s why we offer multiple ways to order your next prescription. Pick the one that works best for you. Learn all of your options.

What are my refill options?

Thank you for choosing to refill your prescription with GEM Edwards Pharmacy. There are multiple ways to place your refill including; online form, email sent to pharmacy, phone and fax.

Can I get my prescriptions automatically?

Yes, we offer an autoship program for you  prescriptions which will automatically send your refill on time, every time. We will contact you or bill credit card on file. Talk to our pharmacist to set up autoship or enroll.

Delivering an easy, mail-order pharmacy experience

We’re 100% focused on getting your medications to you safely, quickly, and accurately.

  • Get medications delivered right to your door

  • Enjoy free standard shipping

Set up Autoship

Enrolling in our autoship program will allow GEM Edwards Pharmacy to automatically fill your prescription and ship when your refill is due. No more delays in getting your medications!


Still have questions?

Check out our full list of FAQs.

Want to speak to our pharmacist? We’d love to hear from you! Ask a pharmacist your questions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring we have the medications our patients need.