Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the questions we get asked the most. Still have questions? Give us a call at 1.866.552.5522 and our pharmacist will assist you. We’re happy to help!

How can I order from GEM Edwards Pharmacy?

We’re excited to be your compounding pharmacy of choice and look forward to helping your practice meet your patients’ needs. Our goal is to make ordering as easy as possible. Therefore, multiple options are available to place an order with GEM Edwards Pharmacy. Please visit How to Order for more information.

What are your office hours?

Our pharmacists are available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm EST and Saturday from 8:30am to 9:30am EST.

What are your shipping policies?

We include free standard shipping with every order. We also expedite orders upon request for an additional fee. View our shipping policy for more details.

What do you do if medications require refrigeration?

We ship any medication that needs refrigerated in a KODIAKOOLER®, a fiber insulated temperature sensitive package.

Can I track my shipment?

Currently, we do not offer automated tracking numbers. However, please contact customer service with all shipment tracking related questions at at 1.866.552.5522.

What is compounding?

Compounding is the long-established tradition in pharmacy practice that enables practitioners to prescribe and patients to take medicines that are specially prepared by pharmacists to meet patients’ individual needs. A growing number of patients have unique health needs that off-the-shelf prescription medicines cannot meet. For them, customized, compounded medications prescribed or ordered by licensed physicians or veterinarians and mixed safely by trained, licensed compounding pharmacists are the only way to better health.


Benefits of Compounding

  • Compounding makes it easier to administer medication. We can fill prescriptions in a variety of forms to make taking medication easier.
  • Compounded medications can be customized to the ideal strength when a generic option may be not enough or too much. Our medications are personalized based on the prescription provided.
  • Compounded medications can be flavored to make it more enjoyable to take.
  • When a drug has been discontinued, we can create the compounded medication to meet your needs. Our pharmacists will customize prescriptions to fulfill your prescription.
What types of dosage forms do you carry?

With our advanced dosage forms, we are able to provide medication to meet specific needs. Some key advantages can include:

  • Ease of use
  • Faster symptom relief
  • Reduce swallowing difficulties
  • Improve compliance


Some of the forms we carry include; capsules, chews, oral liquids, otic preparations, powders, tablets, and transdermal creams.

What medication flavors do you offer?

We have over a dozen FLAVORS available for pet medications including:


Apple*, bacon, banana, beef, bubble gum, cheese, chicken, chicken marshmallow, chicken pot pie, fish chowder, liver, marshmallow, molasses*, peanut butter, peppermint*, salmon steak, sardines, strawberry, tuna, tutti-fruitti, vanilla, vanilla butternut (* Flavors available for equine)


We also offer bubble Gum, peppermint, strawberry, and tutti-frutti for human medication flavors.

What standards are used to ensure quality?

We are dedicated to providing high-quality medications and service with every order. In order to uphold our standards we have an extensive list that is reviewed in order to provide our top-level service. We monitor all facilities and equipment as well as our processes for compounding medications.

Can you supply medications not listed on your website or medication guides?

GEM Edwards Pharmacy has thousands of different medications, dosages, forms and flavors. While we try to provide you with extensive listings online, it is difficult to list them all. Please contact us directly if you do not see a medication you are looking for. Call 1.866.552.5522 and our pharmacists will assist you.

How to properly dispose of unused or expired medications?

We recommend following the FDA guidelines on safe and proper ways to dispose of unused or expired medications. Please visit the FDA website for further instructions.