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Providing affordable and convenient compounded medications for prescribers, patients, veterinarians, pet owners and equine specialist.

You love your pets… We do too!

That’s why we offer affordable pet medications delivered right to your door.

Medications for Your Veterinarian Practice

Compounded medication made to order to meet your patients’ needs.

Comprehensive Formulations

High-quality, affordable compounded medications for your patients, when they need them.

On time…Every Time!

Our quick refill process or auto-refill program will ensure your medications arrive on-time…every time.


COVID-19 RESPONSE:  We are fully operational, and focused on providing the prescriptions that our clinics and patients rely on  while keeping employees safe – Learn More.

We are a compounding pharmacy specializing in human and veterinary medications. Learn more about how we can help you.

Why prescribers benefit from compounded medications

Tailor-made medications for your specific needs

Affordable and Convenient medications for your veterinarian patients

Compounded Medications for your pets, animals and horses.


We strive to ensure that you, your customers, and your pets have the medications they need, when they need them!

GEM Edwards Pharmacy has been operating for more than 25 years in Hudson, Ohio. We are dedicated to serving prescribers, patients, veterinarians, and pet and horse owners by offering free shipping, multiple dosage forms, and many available flavors all at an affordable price. Learn more about who we are.