Beta Bionics iLet Bionic Pancreas

Beta Bionics, iLet Bionic Pancreas

The iLet Bionic Pancreas from Beta Bionics

An automated insulin delivery system that reduces the need to make decisions about your diabetes management – because it makes the decisions for you.

Beta Bionics, iLet Bionic Pancreas

Is the iLet Bionic Pancreas from Beta Bionics right for you?

If you find yourself injecting insulin multiple times a day, frustrated with the demands of your current pump, unable to reach your A1C goal despite your efforts, or experiencing diabetes burnout, the iLet Bionic Pancreas may be a suitable solution for you. It provides a comprehensive approach to diabetes management.


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Works with Dexcom CGM

The iLet communicates directly with the Dexcom G6 or G7 CGM to show you where your glucose is headed, continuously monitor blood sugar levels, and automatically adjust insulin delivery accordingly. By integrating with the Dexcom G6 or G7, the iLet ensures precise and timely responses to changes in glucose levels, providing users with a more automated and personalized approach to diabetes management. This interconnected system represents a significant step forward in utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall experience of individuals living with diabetes.

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Why Go Bionic?

The iLet Bionic Pancreas from Beta Bionics automatically adjusts to your insulin needs so you don’t have to.

No Carb Counting

Instead of carb counting everything on your plate, the iLet just needs an estimate of the carbs in your meal – Usual for me, More or Less.

No Corrections

The iLet makes the corrections for you. If you’re trending high, it will automatically give you more insulin to bring you back in range. If you’re trending low, it will reduce your current insulin dosage.

iLet Algorithims

The “Bionic” part of the iLet that communicates with your Dexcom G6 or G7 and makes all of the insulin dosing decisions—no carb counting,* no correction factors, no adjustments.

No Preset Basal Rate

The iLet learns your needs and automatically adjusts your basal rate on the go.

Safety Information – The iLet Bionic Pancreas System is indicated for use by people with type 1 diabetes 6 years of age and older. The iLet Bionic Pancreas requires prescription by a physician. Refer to the iLet Bionic Pancreas System User Guide at, or for complete safety information including indications, contraindications, warnings, cautions, compatible devices, compatible drugs and instructions, refer to DO NOT start to use the iLet Bionic Pancreas System without adequate training. Incorrect use may result in over-delivery or under-delivery of insulin, which could lead to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

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