Advanced Wound Care

GEM Edwards Pharmacy Adds GEMCORE360° Advanced Wound Care Products for Veterinarians 

Hudson, Ohio – March 18, 2020: GEM Edwards Pharmacy is pleased to announce the addition of the GEMCORE360˚brand of advanced wound care products to assist in the restoration of wounds. Understanding the normal process of wound healing is essential allowing you to make decisions in the management of wounds. This knowledge will help avoid premature wound closure and wound complications. GEMCORE360˚ Advanced Wound Care offers veterinarians a simple, clear and cost-effective wound care dressings ensuring excellent clinical outcomes for their patients.

Wound Management differs as the healing process progresses, and all wounds benefit from a properly moist environment to help support normal cell regrowth. Moist wound healing is becoming the standard method and GEM Edwards Pharmacy now offers many MRD’s (moisture-retentive dressings) to assist in wound management.

PHMB Foam Dressings

PHMB foam dressings are indicated for moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds that are critically colonized or are at risk of infection.

Silicone Foam Dressings

Indicated for moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds. Suitable to use under compression bandaging.

Silicone Foam Lite Dressings

For use in the management of non to light exuding, chronic and acute wounds. Suitable to use on fragile skin and under compression bandaging.