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They are more than just pets…they’re FAMILY!

Giving your pet medication does not have to be hard. We partner with you to find the type and flavor that your pet loves.

Let us compound your pets medication so that it appeal to them. We offer several flavors and dosage forms, we’re sure to have the one that your pet will love.

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Advanced Dosing Forms

Your pets are no longer limited to just taking a pill. With our advanced dosing forms, we are able to provide medication to meet your pets specific needs. Some key advantages can include:

  • Ease of use

  • Faster symptom relief

  • Reduce problems with swallowing

  • Improve compliance



          Oral Liquids




          Transdermal Creams

Over a Dozen FLAVORS Available

Apple*, bacon, banana, beef, bubble gum, cheese, chicken, chicken marshmallow, chicken pot pie, fish chowder, liver, marshmallow, molasses*, peanut butter, peppermint*, salmon steak, sardines, strawberry, tuna, tutti-fruitti, vanilla, vanilla butternut (* Flavors available for equine)

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