Pet Owners

They are more than just pets…they’re FAMILY!

Giving your pet medication does not have to be hard. We partner with you to find the type and flavor that your pet loves.

Let us compound your pets medication so that it appeal to them. We offer several flavors and dosage forms, we’re sure to have the one that your pet will love.


We want to make ordering from GEM Edwards Pharmacy as easy as possible, that’s why we offer multiple ways to order your next prescription. Pick the one that works best for you.

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Why Choose GEM Edwards Pharmacy

          Multiple pet-friendly dosage forms

          Many pet-friendly flavors

          PCAB accredited

          High-quality compounded medications

          Fast, free shipping to your door


Can I transfer my prescription from another pharmacy?

Yes and it’s simple. Complete the transfer prescription form and we will do the rest.

Do you fill prescriptions for preventative medications?

Yes, we offer branded, compounded and preventative medications.

Why would I need a compounded medication?

Compounding is the long-established tradition in pharmacy practice that enables practitioners to prescribe and patients to take medicines that are specially prepared by pharmacists to meet patients’ individual needs. There are many benefits to getting a compounded medications including

  • Easier to administer

  • Multiple dosage forms and flavors

  • Customized to meet patients specific needs, not easily found in stock

Do you ship to my state?

Currently, GEM Edwards Pharmacy ships to most states. We are processing the additional licenses in the remaining states to ensure we can meet the compounding medication needs throughout all 50 states. View our complete list of licenses states.

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“I am so impressed with GEM Edwards Pharmacy high level of customer service and continued commitment to continue working through the pandemic. Thank you for making our pets your priority”

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