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Our goal is to provide your veterinarian practice quick turn around and free standard shipping on personalized medication for your patients.


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Your Trusted Compounding Pharmacy with thousands of veterinary compounded medications available. No pet is the same, that’s why we offer multiple dosage forms, strengths, and flavors.  

Our Top Veterinarian Compounded Medications

Advanced Dosage Forms

Your patients are no longer limited to just taking a pill. With our advanced forms, we are able to provide medication to meet your patients’ specific needs. Some key advantages can include:



          Oral Liquids

          Otic Preparations



          Transdermal Creams

EASY Online Refills

Do you have a prescription number previously filled by GEM Edwards Pharmacy? Quickly refill your prescriptions online in a few simple steps.

Need a medication not listed or a different dosage form?

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