Mail Order Veterinary Pharmacy

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Let’s work together for the health of your patients!

Our goal is to provide your veterinarian practice with safe, convenient, and affordable options on branded, compounded, and preventative medications for your patients.

GEM Edwards Pharmacy is your trusted compounding pharmacy with thousands of veterinary compounded medications available. No pet is the same; that’s why we offer multiple dosage forms, strengths, and flavors.  

Veterinary compounded medications offer several benefits for animals and their caretakers:

•   Tailored dosages and formulations to suit individual pet needs
•   Ideal for pets with unique health requirements, allergies, or specific preferences
•   Customized treatments optimize efficacy and patient comfort
•   Available in various forms like flavored chews or transdermal gels
•   Easier for pet owners to administer treatments at home


Our Top Veterinarian Compounded Medications

Choosing GEM Edwards Pharmacy as your trusted compounding pharmacy is easy! We offer unmatched:

CONVENIENCE With free shipping and an easy-to-use app for customers to reorder, your customers can save time and effort by conveniently accessing compounded medications for their beloved pets.

ACCESSIBILITY With nationwide shipping, GEM Edwards Pharmacy ensures that veterinarians across the country have access to specialized compounded medications, no matter your location. This accessibility allows for efficient and reliable delivery of essential treatments to pet owners.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to all our customers and partners. We love partnering with veterinarians to personalize treatment for patients in order to dial in the strength, concentration, or dose of the medication or to make it easier to administer. Our specially trained pharmacists compound the medications to ensure their efficacy and safety for patients, and our accreditations underscore that commitment to excellence by meeting rigorous standards that enhance performance and elevate patient care.

“We have been using GEM Edwards Pharmacy for our compounding needs since 2016. We are very happy with their outstanding customer service and quality medications. GEM Edwards Pharmacy is our go-to pharmacy for everyday items as well as special orders. Their staff is friendly and efficient and you can’t beat their fast, free shipping. We highly recommend GEM Edwards Pharmacy!”

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