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We specialize in compounding medication to meet your specific needs, allowing you to focus on you!

Customized compounded medications could be the answer to your dermatologic needs! We work with your doctor to provide the right medication for you. 

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Topi-CLICK Micro

An affordable topical dosing device that accurately measures medication and provides easy application, decreasing the risk of improper dosing and contamination.

Personalized Treatment

We custom compound medications to meet your dermatologic needs. This can promote faster healing and relief.


We have experience compounding medications for conditions such as:







          Wart & Fungal Infections

          Wrinkle & Hyperpigmentation

We Understand

At GEM Edwards Pharmacy, we understand that everyone is different and customized treatments can work best for many people. We can accommodate many requests and offer multiple dosage forms including: liquids, gels, creams and more. Each medication we compound is personalized based on your doctor’s prescription.