Tandem Insulin Pumps

Tandem Insulin Pumps, Tandem supplies

Tandem Insulin Pumps

Help protect from highs and lows and increase time in range with Tandem.

t:slim X2with Control-IQ™ Technology

Trying to keep blood sugar in range can be stressful and time consuming. The t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology is an advanced hybrid closed-loop technology that makes it easier by predicting and helping to prevent highs and lows. Watch the video to learn more about how the technology works.

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tandem insulin pumps, t:slim insulin pump, tandem insulin pump supplies, tandem supplies

Tandem Insulin Pumps, Tandem Mobi, Tandem supplies

Tandem Mobi

This insulin pump can be worn almost anywhere, giving you more options for how you manage your diabetes. It’s powered by the same Control-IQ technology in the t:slim X2 and is controllable by a compatible iPhone.**

This product may be covered by your insurance. Complete our quick online form or call us at 1.866.552.5522.

Control-IQ technology automatically adjusts insulin levels based on Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) readings*.

Control-IQ technology can also deliver automatic correction boluses (up to one an hour) to help prevent hyperglycemia.

Control-IQ technology includes optional settings for sleep and exercise activities that adjust treatment ranges for more control.

Zero Fingersticks

Dexcom G6 and G7 CGM integration with the t:slim X2 pump provides exceptional accuracy for optimized insulin delivery.2 Dexcom is the first real-time, integrated continuous glucose monitoring (iCGM) system requiring zero fingersticks for calibration or mealtime dosing.*

t:connect Mobile App

Use your smart phone with the t:connect mobile app as a secondary display for your t:slim X2 insulin pump.

  • View messages and alerts from your insulin pump as push notifications on your phone

  • Easily view your pump data, including basal and bolus events, right on your phone


What is Control-IQ technology?

Control‑IQ technology is designed to help increase time in range using your Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G7 CGM* values to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and adjust insulin delivery accordingly. Icons on the pump screen indicate when insulin dosing is increasing, decreasing, or being stopped by the system.

Is the Tandem t:slim insulin pump waterproof?

The Tandem Mobi system is water-resistant (IP28) and has been tested at 8 feet for 2 hours. The t:slim X2 is watertight (IP27) and has been tested to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

What devices work with Tandem insulin pumps?

Bolus delivery to your Tandem insulin pump from the t:connect mobile app requires a compatible smartphone model and operating system. The t:slim X2 works with a variety of iOS and Android devices. At product launch in March 2024, the Tandem Mobi system only works with certain versions of iPhone devices.


Refer to Tandem’s website for more information on device compatibility: https://www.tandemdiabetes.com/products/software-apps/device-compatibility

How much insulin does a Tandem insulin pump hold?

The t:slim X2 insulin pump is up to 38% smaller than other insulin pumps, yet still holds up to 300 units of insulin.


The Mobi system is half the size of a t:slim X2 pump and holds 200 units of insulin.

*Dexcom CGM sold separately. Transmitter can only be paired with one medical device (either a Dexcom receiver or t:slim X2 insulin pump) and one consumer device (phone or tablet) at the same time.

* You cannot dismiss alerts and alarms from the app and must do so on the pump itself, but once an alert or alarm has been dismissed on the pump it will also disappear from the mobile app.

*The information on the t:connect mobile app display may not be identical to the current status of your pump. Wireless uploads from the t:connect mobile app to the cloud-based t:connect web application require a compatible phone and an internet or wireless data connection. Uploads to the t:connect web application do not take place in real time and should not be relied upon by healthcare providers or caregivers for remote patient monitoring. Standard carrier data rates may apply.

* CGM sold separately.

† If glucose values are predicted to be above 180 mg/dL, Control-IQ technology calculates a correction bolus using the Personal Profile settings and a target of 110 mg/dL and delivers 60% of that value.

‡ Bolus delivery from the t:connect mobile app requires a compatible smartphone model and operating system, an app update, a remote software update on the t:slim X2 insulin pump and additional training. Only available to customers who reside in the United States.

◇ Tandem Diabetes Care has compensation agreements with Mark Andrews, Lauren Salko, and Ben Tzeel.

** The mobile app requires a compatible iPhone model and operating system (sold separately): https://support.tandemdiabetes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039080154-Mobile-App-Compatibility